Wednesday, November 12, 2008's right wing internet equivalent is here: #dontgo

dontgo Movement

The #dontgo Movement is Back!

Indeed, the #dontgo Movement is back and better than ever. We're ready to come out firing on all fronts this week, and you're invited to help us give the free market movement a full scale online kickoff!

This will be a somewhat lengthy message, but if you watched what happened in last Tuesday's election and have concerns about the future of this great nation, hearing me out will be well worth the time.

Please read on...

During the past few years, Republicans and Democrats have brought great distress to the American Government. Both sides of the political isle have used the powers we've given them to manipulate the system for personal gain. In many cases, that gain was financial... in other scenarios it was simply a move for permanent power.

Either way, this reckless use of the American government has caused significant damage to our country, our economy, and markets, our freedoms, and our society in general. Government at all levels is currently running like a wild fire and it must be contained before it burns the entire forest to the ground.

In wake of the recent shift towards socialism and out of control spending, several grassroots efforts are beginning to brew at levels never seen before. The #dontgo Movement, a grassroots effort that began organically cultivating last August during the energy debate, is ready to lead the charge in state of the art online activism.

This Monday (November 10th), we're having a full day “launch party” in various places across the web. To kick things off, we're launching our brand new website first thing in the morning. Then, throughout the day we'll be interacting with folks through Twitter, Facebook, blogging communities, and various other social media realms. Later in the evening, 7:00 PM Central time to be exact, we're hosting our first “Blog Talk Radio” show. This show will last an hour and will be broadcast live.

You can visit the official show page here. There will be a live chat room during the show. If you can't make the online version, you can always call in to participate live or just listen in via phone. The call in number will be available on the official show page shortly.

What is the purpose of the #dontgo Movement?
In short, we exist to advance the ideas of free-markets, less regulation, less taxation, accountability and transparency in government, and finally, a collaborate effort to bring the power back to the people.

How will we do this?
We're currently developing a state-of-the-art action center that will allow users direct access to contact information for public officials as well as media contacts. We're crafting a carefully planned network of activists in each state that will be able to work with local government and media, as well as bloggers and other political organizers, to unify behind the message.

The purpose is to not only drive the message, but to also provoke real world action in ways that cause REAL change.

We also plan to launch a fifty state “investigative reporting” network that will seek to explore, identify, and expose corruption in government at all levels.

Finally, we'll work to identify candidates for offices from school boards, all the way up to state constitutional offices, and help them develop campaign strategy and organizational structure.

Have no doubt, this is going to require an enormous amount of time and energy. And it's going to require a LOT of people just like you.

Which leads me to my plea for your help. We're an all volunteer organization. There is not a single paid person within the #dontgo Movement, and there for we need to reach out to individuals across the country to join us in developing one of the most ambitious center-right movements we've ever seen.

We need assistance in graphic design, content creation, messaging, media relations, web development, online marketing, political strategy, and much more.

Please click here for a full list of ways you can join the movement.

This is our time to shine. Some who consider themselves “progressives” believe we need to MoveOn. We, on the other hand, believe it to be much wiser if we #dontgo.

Our country is fine the way our founding fathers set it up. Let's keep it that way.

Are you in? Join us now.

-Eric Odom

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