Friday, November 21, 2008

Putin To Be President Again?

The lower house of Russia's parliament passed a constitutional amendment expanding a presidential term from four to six years. However, this will not apply to President Medvedev but his successor...who else but Vladimir Putin?

Not that it makes much of a difference. If Putin wanted to be President tomorrow he could. He could be President and Prime Minister at the same time if he wanted. If Putin wanted to be President, Prime Minister and Grand Poobah simultaneously he could. The Duma is nothing more than the House of Putin.

I admire President Bush for many things but he missed the boat where it concerned Putin's soul. Of course, Obama didn't exactly inspire confidence when Russia rolled its tanks into Georgia. What if Russia decides to make an excursion into Ukraine? What will Obama do over ballistic missile defense? We could have another missile crisis. Only this one would be in Eastern Europe near the Polish-Czech Republic border off the Baltic Sea. Perhaps this is the test to which Joe Biden was referring.

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