Friday, November 21, 2008

Hillary To Accept Secretary of State App't

Fox News is reporting that Hillary Clinton will accept Barack Obama's offer to become Secretary of State and that a formal announcement would be made after Thanksgiving.

Considering that Obama argued his childhood experiences in Indonesia outweighed Senator Clinton's foreign policy experience this appointment takes a certain amount of chutzpah. Or dare I say audacity.

One could argue, as I have, that this is a "keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer" appointment. Can Obama and Hillary work together? Can Hillary play second fiddle to Obama? I am sure Obama appointed her to neutralize the possibility of her challenging him in 2012. But these are two massive egos we are talking about. Three when you add in Bill.

I predict there will be a rift between Obama and Hillary and that a) Obama will ask for her resignation or b) Hillary will leave on her own. What the rift will be about is immaterial. It probably wouldn't be one significant issue but rather a series of differences on a multitude of issues. Throw in a clash of personalities and you've all the ingredients for a political uprising. If she leaves then others will follow. It would inevitably mean a challenge to Obama for the Party nomination in 2012. Which means if this would come to pass it would happen sometime in 2011. Even if Hillary isn't successful in challenging him it would do enough damage to him to lose the next Presidential election.

Of course, assuming neither Obama or Hillary change their mind between now and the beginning of December.

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