Monday, November 10, 2008

Viguerie: Democrats ran as moderates, forfeited any claim to a liberal mandate

he 2008 election, the American people voted to punish the Big Government Republicans who made a mess of things, from the conduct of the Iraq War to Katrina to the Wall Street bailout," Viguerie said. "But, at the same time people were voting to throw the Republicans out, they were giving the Democratic Congress some of the lowest approval ratings ever recorded. This was a vote against Big Government Republicanism, not a lurch to the Left.

"And the proof of that is that Democrats didn't run as liberals.

"Instead, they ran against Big Government Republicanism and stressed they would govern as centrists," Viguerie said. "They ran as moderates who would cut taxes for 95% of the people, who would balance the budget in four years, who would go line-by-line through the budget eliminating wasteful programs, who would capture Osama bin Laden, who would leave law-abiding gun owners alone.

"Democrats will be under tremendous pressure - from their special interest groups such as MoveOn, unions, race-based groups, and pro-abortion and homosexual groups - to run the country from the Left," he said. "If they do, they will learn, like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, what happens when politicians claim mandates they didn't earn."

Regarding the future of Senator McCain's running mate, Viguerie said, "Governor Sarah Palin came out of the campaign as a hero to conservatives and a rising star with a strong future."

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