Monday, November 24, 2008

Imagine if the Treasury Secretary Gave Out the Super Bowl Trophy

One more observation from last night's Grey Cup game. The Grey Cup was given to the Calgary Stampeders jointly by the CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon (which one would expect) and by Canada's Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty (which one would not expect). At least not in the United States. But in Canada you see in government in things that you would not imagine down here at least not until recently. Granted, the Grey Cup was donated by Earl Grey when he was Canada's Governor General nearly a century ago. Now I could understand the Governor General Michelle Jean handing out the Grey Cup. It would be a continuity of tradition and well within the function of the Governor General as it is largely a ceremonial position. But the Minister of Finance?

Put another way could you imagine if Hank Paulson were to hand out the Super Bowl trophy? Or for that matter his soon to be successor, Timothy Geithner?

Unless, of course, the Obama Administration decides to nationalize the NFL as well.

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