Sunday, November 23, 2008

Larry Summers Has Been Forgiven

President-elect Obama is set to introduce Larry Summers as his new Director of the National Economic Council.

I guess Obama's seal of approval means Larry Summers has been forgiven.

You will remember that early in 2005, Summers was at the eye of the storm as he was forced out as President of Harvard University. Summer suggested one of the reasons women weren't represented in tenured positions in science and engineering at top universities and research institutions because their might be innate differences between men and women. Never mind Summers stated he did not believe this argument but that it nonetheless merited discussion.

In February 2005, I penned an article, "Where Do Women Live in Greater Fear? At Harvard or In Iran?" ( I lambaste the National Organization of Women and its President Kim Gandy not only for pillorying Summers but for arguing that women in Iraq were better off under Saddam. I also took NOW to task for not speaking out on behalf of women in Iran who were being punished under Shari'a law for being the victims of rape.

Well, I looked at the NOW website today and I don't see any hue and cry over Obama's appointment of Summers. Obama hath forgiven. Summers has been welcomed back into the sisterhood. It is amazing how Colin Powell was decried by the Left over his presentation to the UN Security Council. But once he endorsed Obama it was, "Presentation to the UN? What presentation?" If Obama should keep Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense the same process will happen - Iraq War or no Iraq War.

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