Friday, November 21, 2008

Press Goes For Palin's Jugular

You would think the euphoria of Obamamania would be sufficient.

But the Left needs it dose of Palin.

Today, after Palin pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey in Wasilla she conducted a press conference. In the background was a farmer beheading turkeys. According to the Huffington Post, "After the pardon Palin proceeded to do an interview with a local TV station while the turkeys were being SLAUGHTERED (caps theirs) in the background!!! Seemingly oblivious to the gruesomeness going over her shoulder, she carries on talking for over three minutes." (

Stop the presses!!! The turkeys we eat on Thanksgiving are killed.

I think Palin knew exactly what was going on in back of her. It's Alaska. Frontier country. If Palin has spent her life shooting moose why would the beheading of a couple of turkeys phase her? Of course, if you're from the Northeast, enjoy Tofurky from Whole Foods and see this you too might be out of your element.

So why not recover your composure and have yet another chance to call Palin "oblivious"?

Of course, if Palin didn't get under their skin why would they have a bone to pick with her?

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