Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gates Remains as Secretary of Defense

It is now widely being reported that Barack Obama will keep Bob Gates as Secretary of Defense for at least the first year of his Administration.

I imagine Gates will oversee the drawing down of troops in Iraq and for lack of a better term a "surge" of troops in Afghanistan. In the short term it will be seen as a sign of reassurance towards those who to leave Iraq victorious while tending to unfinished business in Afghanistan. Of course, if the process goes to fast and someone like Sadr launches a rebellion that undercuts progress in Iraq thus allowing Iran the political space to effectively run the country then our efforts will have been all for naught.

Yes, the Left will not like this development. But I'm sure Obama is calculating this anger will be shortlived. Once Gates has outlived his usefulness then Obama will insert his "yes man" perhaps a Tony McPeak into that role and the Left will have been mollified.

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