Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyonce & Taylor Swift Good; Kanye West Very Bad

I have very little interest in most of the music that comes out in this day and age. Thus I have no reason to watch the MTV Music Video Awards.

So it wasn't until this morning that I heard about how Kanye West upstaged Taylor Swift by taking the microphone away from her while she was accepting an award for her video. Kanye said that Beyonce's video was the best of the decade as Beyonce sat in the audience looking mortified.

Well, Beyonce did win Video of the Year and in a grand act of generosity asked Swift to come out on stage and make her acceptance speech. Again, I'm not really a fan of Beyonce's music but she has always come across to me as a decent person and this gesture certainly reinforces this perception.

As for Kanye West, he apologized. Or did he? Here's an article I wrote four years ago after his infamous remarks in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." I had forgotten that West had also alleged the federal government had given the National Guard permission to shoot black people. Ironically, West had been on the cover of Time the previous month and was billed as "Hip-Hop's Class Act." I kid you not. Well, it's not the first time the liberal media got it wrong.

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