Monday, September 28, 2009

Internet Czar Susan Crawford ties to Socialist group, Ford Foundation

Internet Czar Susan Crawford is Net Neutrality Advocate- Broadband redistribution- socialist-style

The Obama-Biden transition team on Friday named two long-time net neutrality advocates to head up its Federal Communications Commission Review team.

Susan Crawford, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School, and Kevin Werbach, a former FCC staffer, organizer of the annual tech conferenceSupernova, and a Wharton professor, will lead the Obama-Biden transition team’s review of the FCC.

“We’re not doing at all well for reasons that mostly have to do with the fact that we failed to have a US industrial policy pushing forward high-speed internet access penetration, and there’s been completely inadequate competition in this country for high speed internet access,” she said.

And in a final introductory statement during her talk (that’s likely to send shivers down the spines of telecom company executives) she said that she believes internet access is a “utility.”

“This is like water, electricity, sewage systems: Something that each and all Americans need to succeed in the modern era. We’re doing very badly, and we’re in a dismal state,” she said at the time.

You can listen to Crawford discuss telecom policy here, and read Werbach’s columns on tech policy at internet-infrastructure journal Circle-ID.

The idea of network neutrality is that all of our Internet packets are equal, and that the spirit of the Internet and its ability to create wonderful new applications like Google, MySpace and Facebook is predicated on open (albeit limited) access for all. Yet, despite an overabundance of bandwidth pulsing throughout the U.S., we are still stuck with rationing to our homes. Haven’t we learned that advancing technology is never served by arbitrary rules to divvy up scarce resources? Look at the dearth of good cell phone applications. Rules make incumbents lazy

Net Neutrality is simply using the typical leftist tactic, finding a poor, untrodden victim, the folks who don’t have access to the internet now, the “public services” that might not be able to get their emergency messages out (and thus people will die, people will always die if you don’t follow the left’s policies), but in fact it is nothing more than a justification to open up the door to complete government control of the internet in the name of “public good”, to actually limit the bandwidth for most of us to ostensibly bring more bandwidth to those in need, bandwidth redistribution.

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What socialist group is she tied to? You mean the Ford Foundation?