Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bill Clinton Claims Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Against Obama

When asked by David Gregory of NBC's Meet The Press if there was a vast right-wing conspiracy against President Obama, former President Bill Clinton replied, "You bet there is."

Clinton went on say about Republicans, "Their agenda seems to be about wanting him to fail."

First, it isn't a conspiracy. The opposition to President Obama has been done out in the open for everyone to see.

Second, Clinton is correct in stating there are Republicans (and by extension conservatives) who want Obama to fail. But does Clinton honestly think that Democrats (and by extension liberals) wanted President Bush to succeed? Not only did Democrats and liberals not want Bush to succeed they didn't consider his very Presidency to be legitimate. So there's an air of disingenuousness in Clinton's comments.

I want President Obama to succeed in upholding the Constitution and protecting this country from internal and external threats. But if President Obama's objective is to allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb then no I don't want him to succeed. Allowing Iran to build a nuclear bomb compromises his ability to uphold the Constitution and to protect this country.

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