Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tips on how to use the new social online media most effectively

“Grassroots activists are the new reporters”


Everyone is on facebook now, which has become the new blogs, so if you're not, you're missing out on half the political dialogue and the best place to politically organize. Conservatives are adding as many friends as possible; although it may seem overwhelming, it will become a powerful forum for you to promote activism and recruit others - it's like suddenly having your own nationally trafficked website. Once you've added a couple hundred people as friends, other conservatives will automatically start sending you friend requests. Set up groups on facebook to promote your causes.

There are also conservative social networking sites similar to facebook, like, run by a partner of American Liberty Alliance, and, run by Arizona's Politics on the Rocks. lets you update multiple social networking sites simultaneously.


Download the free to make twitter more user-friendly. It lets you set up permanent searches in separate columns for words you choose, and permanent columns for groups you follow.

Join the group #tcot (Top Conservatives on Twitter), and send your twitter updates to #tcot. The #tcot website is and is updated regularly with the latest news on conservatives using the new media.

Set up to automatically follow others who follow you. This will save you a lot of time finding friends.


Start your own blog using, which is the easiest blog program out there, plus it's free, easy, no ads, and can do almost anything. Put facebook, twitter, and youtube icons up front on the top of your blog,and include your twitter feed on the sidebar. Or, contribute to an existing blog in Arizona like, which is always accepting new writers, named or anonymous. Check out regularly to keep updated on Arizona's political blogs.

The left has a coordinated effort in place to control the blogosphere by lurking on conservative blogs and posting negative comments, in order to demoralize them. Help our conservative blogs like by refuting these troublemakers in the comments.

Set up multiple and anonymous email accounts at to use for various activism.


Most cameras and phones come with video recording ability. When at an event, especially if something controversial is happening involving the left, take a short video clip of it and upload it to YouTube. Pictures are compelling and almost everyone watches TV.

“The new internet is Web 2.0 – 99% listening and 1% talking”

-Ralph Benko,The Websters'Dictionary

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