Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Respect The Yankees But I Will Never Root For Them

Lisa Fabrizio, who regularly contributes articles to IC, has a new article in today's online edition of The American Spectator about the New York Yankees.

She laments those who have an irrational hatred of the Yankees and likens them to liberals who have an irrational hatred of conservatives. She describes this condition as Bomberphobia. There is a great deal of truth in her thesis and I acknowledged that this condition is epidemic amongst members of Red Sox Nation especially where it concerns Derek Jeter:

So much of the vitriol directed towards Jeter by Red Sox fans is simply irrational. In fact, it is about as rational as the hatred directed towards former President George W. Bush and Sarah Palin by the left-wing intelligentsia.

However, Lisa goes into territory where this conservative Red Sox fan will not dare travel:

So come on my fellow conservatives, there's still time to get in the game and root for America's team.

The Yankees are not America's team let alone New York's team. Most Mets fans I talk to have about as much affection for the Yankees as Red Sox fans do. There are also generations of New Yorkers who grew up Dodgers or Giants fans (including my Dad) who were fiercely loyal to their teams and thought rooting for the Yankees was like rooting for U.S. Steel. In this day and age it could be said that rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Microsoft.

I'll say about the Yankees by paraphrasing what I wrote about Jeter to conclude my article. I respect the Yankees and all the success they have achieved and earned. But don't expect me to root for them.

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