Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Linda McMahon Bids for GOP Nomination in Connecticut Senate Race

This is very interesting indeed.  Linda McMahon has resigned her position as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment to seek the GOP nomination for the 2010 Senate race in Connecticut where Chris Dodd is hanging on by tenterhooks.

Professional wrestling isn't everyone's cup of tea but that didn't stop the people of Minnesota from electing Jesse Ventura more than a decade ago.

And Linda McMahon has only made sporadic appearances on World Wrestling Entertainment programming and when she does she is usually as the voice of reason.  O.K., she's been on the wrong end of tombstone piledriver but haven't we all?

Now whether entrepreneurial success can translate into political success is a whole other question.  She is pro-choice and that could turn off some conservative voters.  On the other hand, let us remember that Connecticut Republicans voted en masse for Joe Lieberman two years ago despite his pro-choice views.  

Chris Dodd has become an embarrassment and if Linda McMahon emerges as the Republican most likely to pin him 1,2,3 then I'm all for her candidacy.

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