Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Birthday at the New Yankee Stadium

In recent years, most of my birthdays have been spent at Fenway Park when the Red Sox have a home game.  In fact, I have gone to Fenway on my birthday four times (2002-2004 & 2007).

The Sox had a home game on my birthday this year as well against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  However, since my Dad is taking an extended vacation in New York City I thought I would make my first trip to the New Yankee Stadium on my 37th birthday.

The Yankees hosted the Toronto Blue Jays.  The question before the game was would there be a resumption of hostilities that occurred in last night's game which was won by the Jays 10-4. Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and Blue Jays reliever Jesse Carlson came to blows last night at home plate after Posada scored a run. Carlson had thrown a pitch behind Posada in retaliation for Yankees reliever Mark Melancon plunking Jays second baseman Aaron Hill in the back. This caused the benches to clear and Carlson ended up with a big welt over his left eye.  Even Yankees manager Joe Girardi had a couple of scratches on his face.  

However, there would be no shenanigans.  Both Posada and Carlson were suspended for three games.  It was initially to be four games but MLB reduced the suspension when both men agreed not to appeal their suspensions.  

No, it was just baseball.  The Blue Jays had a 4-2 lead in the 8th when Hideki Matsui tied the game with a two-run home run.  The Yankees won it in the 9th on a single by third string catcher Francisco Cervelli.  Though I wish the outcome had been different I feel good when a guy like Cervelli gets an opportunity and makes the most of it.  It's not often third string catchers get that sort of chance and there's a good chance Cervelli will never see an another moment like this again.  Yankees won 5-4.  

Still, I probably would have been more excited to be in Fenway as the Red Sox came back from behind to beat the Angels 9-8.  The comeback was controversial though as Red Sox shortstop Nick Green appeared to be out on a check swing but the first base umpire ruled he did not swing.  Green then walked with the bases loaded to bring in the tying run.  Alex Gonzalez then hit the game winning single en route the Sox's seventh straight victory.  That would have been fun.

But no complaints here.  I had a splendid day.  I've never traveled for my birthday and the New Yankee Stadium is a must see for baseball fans.

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