Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brown to Seek GOP Nomination for Massachusetts Senate Seat

Today, Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown announced he would be seeking the Republican nomination for the special Senate election to fill the seat vacated as a result of Ted Kennedy's death last month.

Brown is one of a handful of Republicans in the Massachusetts Senate. Prior to becoming a State Senator, Brown was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and before that he was a Selectman from his hometown of Wrentham. His daughter Ayla was a contestant on American Idol several years ago and currently plays basketball at Boston College.

Assuming Brown carries the GOP banner he faces long odds. Massachusetts hasn't had a Republican in the U.S. Senate in more than thirty years. But if Brown were to win in January it would reveal tremendous discontent with President Obama in the bluest of states. A Republican victory in Massachusetts would make Obama sit up and take notice. Yet all the more reason why it is highly unlikely.

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