Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thoughts on Levi Johnston's Spread in Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair could be described as a ritzier version of The National Enquirer.

How else does one explain giving Levi Johnston, the ex-fiancée of Bristol Palin, a cover story with a photo spread?

While the issue won't be out until September 8th they do have an excerpt on their website.

Johnston claims, amongst other things, that Palin was an absent mother and that it was left to him to cook barbecued chicken or steak on the grill. Oh the humanity.

He also claims that Sarah and Todd Palin were planning to adopt his and Bristol's child.

Of course, this isn't the first Vanity Fair has set its sights on the former Alaska Governor. Earlier this summer, Todd S. Purdum (Dee Dee Myer's husband) wrote a piece on Palin titled, "It Came From Wasilla." You know the piece where Palin was accused of having post-partum depression and narcissistic personality order.

But I guess you can't blame Vanity Fair for knowing its audience of middle-aged, middle to upper class, urban dwelling white liberals who hate Sarah Palin and will believe anything they are told about her.

I think it's worth reading my column, "Sarah Palin is the Israel of American Politics" to gain some insight into this mindset.

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